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Keystone Society
High impact, quality programs in civic education and civil justice are only possible with the generosity of the legal community and a public interested in respectful public discourse and the legal needs of those who cannot afford an attorney. A combination of public resources and private donations ensures quality programs will continue, grow and expand in serving Hoosiers statewide.

The Board of Directors invites you to consider a personal donation of cash, stock or real estate to fulfill your philanthropic goals for the profession, for the legal needs of impoverished Hoosiers or the education growth of students. The success of the mission thrives only with your help. To view the list of 2016 Keystone Society donors, click here.

Monthly, Quarterly Donations Grow the Mission
With monthly, quarterly or annual donations, you may invest in the growth of your profession, the expansion of civil justice or youth education programs. What do you want to see achieved? The Keystone Society is a cadre of donors and supporters who have determined growth can only occur through annual giving to ensure the programming we all value succeeds. 

Unrestricted Donations Increase Leverage and Flexibility
Choose the option that best fits your philanthropic goals for the Foundation’s mission and your personal situation. All unrestricted donations qualify for the Keystone Society. Unrestricted donations give the Board of Directors the greatest leverage and flexibility to pursue new opportunities in programming and leap at those that arrive on our doorstep.

Advisor - New to the Legal Profession
Help the Foundation provide resources to expand educational programs for youth or aid Hoosiers in need of free legal services. Attorneys under age 35 or practicing for five years or fewer are eligible for this level. Advisors donate $500 annually, or $42 per month.

Partner for Growth
There are currently 159 schools participating in either We the People: the Citizen and the Constitution or Indiana High School Mock Trial. A donation at this level ensures more than 6,000 students annually enjoy a life-changing competition testing their public speaking, critical thinking and teamwork skills as well as their content knowledge. Partners donate $1,000 annually.

Counselor to Expand Civil Justice
This generous annual gift will ensure our staff is equipped to train associates and partners in legal communities around the state to answer questions from the public via Counselors donate $2,500 annually.

Transform the lives of Hoosier students with a donation at this level. You can ensure the Indiana High School Mock Trial and We the People State Finals are a life-changing experience for more than 800 students from across Indiana. Advocates are individuals who donate $5,000 annually.

Barrister - $10,000+
Create opportunities for the Foundation to expand education into new schools statewide, increase opportunities for Hoosiers in need of civil justice to find legal resources, and show the public the legal profession’s commitment to justice and education.

Noncash Donations
Your donations need not be cash-based. Consider how donations of stocks or real estate might help further your goals for the profession without hindering your liquidity. Deferred giving allows you to plan how you want to contribute with Foundation staff, your financial advisor or your private estate counsel.

Deferred Giving through the Cornerstone Society
When you use your charitable gift to establish an endowment, the gift is invested with two goals: to make the principal grow faster than inflation and to provide income for the designated program. The principal is never touched, and any earnings over a certain amount—usually five percent—are channeled back into the fund to grow it. Well-managed endowments can generate income indefinitely and therefore allow donors to establish a legacy.

We have established several endowed funds that are restricted to mission-centered purposes. These restricted endowed funds include law-related education, access to justice, and initiatives to improve the legal system. Find a list of the various Cornerstone Society funds here.

The Foundation also encourages donors to consider sponsoring named fund initiatives. These funds may be created by individuals, firms or others interested in promoting the advancement of justice. These named funds direct assets to the Foundation in the form of cash or securities, bequests, gifts of real property, life insurance, or by life income arrangements. All of these named funds will be publicly designated and grants may be awarded when the fund reaches a minimum of $10,000. Annually, the distinguished roster of named funds will be published in the Annual Report of the Foundation. All donors to the Foundation by bequest or life income arrangement will be honored as Legacy members of the Cornerstone Society.


For information on alternative ways to give, including gifts by will, life insurance, stock, and securities, click here. Contact Theresa Browning at or (317) 269-7864.


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