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Kayla O'Brien
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Statement from President & CEO

Yesterday, we watched in shock and anger as rioters violated the hallowed halls of our democracy by invading the U.S. Capitol.  These actions are a direct threat to our country and the ideals it was founded on that have persevered for over 240 years.  We are a nation of laws, duly crafted through a democratic process.  The respect and adherence to the rule of law is a bedrock principle that is part of the DNA of our constitutional republic.  We are extremely fortunate to enjoy a host of rights and protections that are enshrined in our Constitution.  With these rights, also come obligations and duties that each of us must uphold and preserve to ensure the common good for our nation and each other collectively.  The actions we witnessed yesterday broke this sacred social contract and should be rightfully condemned. 

The Indiana Bar Foundation is dedicated to advancing civic literacy and the legal system and has worked to promote these noble ideals for over 70 years.  The Foundation is proud to be a catalyst for the improvement of civic education and civil legal assistance for all Hoosiers.  To know and understand our constitutional democracy is imperative for a civil and healthy democracy.  We look forward to brighter and better days, where all Hoosiers and Americans understand our system of government, function honorably within this system, and have productive, civil dialogue to solve problems and make the world better for all.  We rededicate ourselves to working every day to strive for the more perfect Union that our founders envisioned, and we all continue to seek.


Charles R. Dunlap
President & CEO

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