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Mock Trial

Mock Trial

Mock Trial introduces Indiana students to our legal system and the judicial branch of government. Through Indiana Mock Trial, students will get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the American legal system. 

Taking on the roles of attorneys and witnesses, students will take an in-depth, hands-on learning and appreciation of our society’s approach to dispute resolution and justice. Students take case background information and witness statements and apply it to the law. They craft arguments, support it through testimony and physical evidence, and present it to a panel of attorneys and judges who evaluate their arguments and presentations.

Students will grow both academically and personally. Students build important 21st century skills, including collaboration, critical thinking, leadership, and creativity. They also grow significantly in literacy skills like public speaking, writing, listening, and reading.

Want to learn more? Read these frequently asked questions, and contact Tim Kalgreen at [email protected] or 317-608-6503.

“Students grow and develop soft skills which will help them be successful in their lives as productive citizens. They have improved their skills in all the following areas: confidence, critical thinking, public speaking, executive functioning, reading, writing, and problem solving. They have also formed critical relationships with peers which have helped them throughout the challenges of high school.” – Jessica Monroe, teacher, Mishawaka HS

“What I really like about mock trial is that it provides our students who may not enjoy other activity (sports, yearbook, etc) to participate as a team, in an activity that is educational and meaningful” –  Dennis Staffelbach, teacher, Trinity School at Greenlawn

“They are so much more confident in and outside of the classroom.  Their schoolwork and writing have improved immensely, and they have a strong supporting relationship with one another as well.” – Roxanne Waggoner, teacher, Early College High School


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