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Grants & Awards

Grants & Awards

Indiana Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA) - The Indiana Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA) Grant Application process seeks proposals from pro bono districts throughout Indiana for the distribution of grants from funds available to the Indiana Bar Foundation through the IOLTA program.

IOLTA Guidelines and Eligibility
IOLTA Application due May 1, 2021.

Civil Legal Aid Fund (CLAF) – The Civil Legal Aid Fund (CLAF) was established in 1997 to distribute funds to organizations providing civil legal service to Indiana’s poor. All providers who wish to participate in the distribution of funds must submit an Opt-in Form certifying their eligibility and a Caseload Report Form for each county in their service area. Both forms are available in the application linked below.

CLAF Application due May 1, 2021.

Community Redevelopment Justice Grants - These grant funds are restricted to be used for foreclosure prevention legal assistance and/or community redevelopment legal assistance for Indiana residents. See previous grants funded in 2017 and 2018

Helling Scholarship - This award was created to provide scholarships to young attorneys in Indiana in order to give them the opportunity to participate in the Indiana State Bar Association’s annual meeting each year. As part of the award, and depending on the particular winner, the scholarship award is designed to cover the expenses of sending a lawyer and his or her family to the ISBA Annual Meeting, including such expenses as registration fees, lodging, meals and travel expenses. The Joseph T. Helling Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by Nancy J. Gargula, Cynthia L. Chandler, and Douglas J. Helling in honor of their father, Joseph T. Helling, who practiced law in South Bend, Indiana for more than 40 years.

Scholarship Guidelines
Application due June 1, 2021.

Hon. Richard M. Givan Loan Repayment Assistance - The Richard M. Givan LRAP directs assistance in the form of a forgivable loan to applicants who would otherwise be precluded from accepting qualifying employment or who would be unable to continue to work in qualifying employment because of salaries that do not support their student loan debt burden. The Richard M. Givan Loan Repayment Assistance Program was established in 2006 as a statewide loan assistance program for law school graduates employed in non-profit organizations dedicated to serving the civil legal needs of low-income individuals and families in Indiana. This program is designed to assist attorneys who have incurred significant educational debt so they can work in civil legal aid programs for the poor.

Givan Program Eligibility
Application due October 1, 2020.

Hon. J. Terrence and Peggy Cody Loan Repayment Assistance - This fund assists graduating law students with their law school loans if employed at civil legal aid providers, county department of child services offices, or county public defender's offices throughout Indiana, with preference given to those employed or living in Floyd County, Indiana.

Apply using the Givan LRAP Application due October 1, 2020.

Phelps & Fara Scholarship - The Phelps & Fara fund assists a law student enrolled at the IU McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis with an interest in family law. Gale Phelps and Thomas Fara joined their practices after many years of successful solo practices where they formerly represented opposing clients. Both were active members in the family law section of the ISBA, demonstrating their commitment to the professionalism of family law by helping other attorneys and leading CLEs on various family law topics.

Application due June 1, 2021.

Hon. Cale J. Holder Scholarship - The scholarship was established in 1984 in memory of Judge Holder and is awarded annually based on dedication to the administration of law, financial need, desire to be a practicing trial lawyer, capacity for leadership, academic achievement and military service record if any. Read more about Judge Holder here

Scholarship Guidelines
Application due June 1, 2021.

Fellows Award - An honor society recognizing the legal community practicing in Indiana, the Fellows is a peer-nominated and peer-selected process established by the Indiana Bar Foundation board of directors in 1979. No fewer than five and no more than 10 individuals are inducted annually, and those honorees are recognized for having professional, public or private careers which have demonstrated legal ability and devotion to the welfare of their community, state, and nation, as well as to the advancement of the legal profession. Nomination criteria to address:

1. Dedication to the legal profession
2. Support for access to civil legal aid for all Hoosiers
3. Involvement in and contributions to the legal community and the community at large
4. Demonstrated integrity and character

For more information, please see our frequently asked questions and complete listing of Fellows.
Nomination form due July 1, 2020

Randall T. Shepard Award - The Randall T. Shepard Award honors the talents of attorneys who have donated their time to serving the public. The Randall T. Shepard Award is given annually to a participant in the legal community who has dedicated his or her time and legal services to the poor of Indiana. The recipient of the Award will be selected based on fulfillment of one of more of the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated dedication to the development and delivery of legal services to the poor of Indiana;
  2. Contributed significant work toward developing innovative approaches to delivery of volunteer legal services in one of the pro bono districts;
  3. Participated in activities which resulted in satisfying previously unmet legal needs or in extending legal services to underserved segments of the population.

Award Criteria
Nomination form due July 1, 2020.

Pro Bono Publico Award - The Foundation annually recognizes the contributions made toward ensuring that legal services are available to persons who otherwise could not afford them, in an effort to promote a more effective delivery of legal services to the public. The award focuses public awareness on the voluntary services rendered annually. Awards are given in three categories: individual attorney, law firm and/or local bar association.

Nominees for the Pro Bono Publico Award should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • demonstrated dedication to the development and delivery of legal services to indigents through a pro bono program;
  • made significant contributions toward developing innovative delivery of volunteer legal services;
  • participated in an activity which resulted in satisfying previously unmet needs or in extending services to underserved segments of the population;
  • litigated pro bono cases that favorably affected the provision of other services to the poor;
  • achieved legislation that contributed substantially to legal services to the poor.

Nominees may not be employed by an organization that has as its primary purpose the provision of free legal services to the poor.

Award Criteria
Nomination form due July 1, 2020.

Law-Related Education Award - The Foundation recognizes lawyers, law firms, or bar organizations for excellence in providing information that enhances the public’s understanding of the law and the legal system. The recipient(s) shall be actively involved in providing or promoting law-related education activities to Indiana residents, such as K-12 students, collegians or individuals not enrolled in traditional education programs (such as prisoners, senior citizens, or displaced workers).

The methods of disseminating law-related information may include, but are not limited to:

  • books, brochures and other printed materials;
  • video presentations;
  • mock trials or other participatory activities;
  • speeches, essays, or art contests.

Award Criteria
Nomination form due July 1, 2020.

William G. Baker Award - The William G. Baker Award is presented annually to an attorney or retired attorney who has shown outstanding dedication to citizenship education in honor of New Castle attorney William G. Baker for his long-time leadership of Indiana’s We the People program.

Nomination form due July 1, 2020.

John J. Patrick Award - The John J. Patrick Award is also presented annually to a non-attorney who makes an outstanding contribution to citizenship education in honor of Dr. John J. Patrick, professor emeritus at Indiana University, for his long-time leadership of Indiana’s We the People program.

Nomination form due July 1, 2020.

Legendary Lawyer Award - The annual Legendary Lawyer Award was created to spotlight individuals whose career commitments in areas such as legal ethics, community involvement, public service, and lawyer professionalism demonstrate the high calling and higher achievement of lawyers in modern society. This award is annually presented to a member of the Fellows of the Indiana Bar Foundation. 

Nominations are sought for individuals that have demonstrated their adherence to the highest principles and traditions of the legal profession, compassion though service to the public in the community in which he or she lives, and practical skills in the practice of law through a legal career of 50 years or more. See past recipients here

Award Criteria
Nomination form due December 31 annually.

Woods Dedication Award - The Woods Dedication Award is named after Dennis Woods, a founder and longtime board member of the Indiana High School Mock Trial Competition. The Woods Award is given annually to a teacher, attorney-coach, parent, principal, assistant, or student who best symbolizes Dennis Woods’ enthusiasm and devotion to Mock Trial. Nomination Form


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