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Numerous Opportunities Available to Support Foundation

The Indiana Bar Foundation’s Keystone Society offers a compelling, comprehensive, and convenient way to support expanding quality civic education throughout Indiana while also providing financial support for Hoosiers relying on legal aid to gain fair representation.

Investing in the Keystone Society means you are:

  • Helping Indiana middle and high school students participate in regional and state civic competitions through the “We the People” and Mock Trial outreach program
  • Expanding these learning opportunities to underrepresented regions of the state
  • Enhancing the teaching of constitutional history by providing professional development and other teaching tools to Hoosier educators
  • Increasing access to civil legal aid for those unable to afford private representation to ensure fair representation

Donation Opportunities:

  • A monthly donation of $84 ensures more Hoosiers will receive free legal advice and other assistance through non-profit agencies providing civil legal aid.
  • Attorneys who have practiced five or fewer years are encouraged to join the Keystone Society for a $500 annual donation.
  • The Partner level is available for an annual donation of $1,000
  • The Counselor level is available for an annual donation of $2,500
  • The Advocate level is available for an annual donation of $5,000
  • The Barrister level is available for an annual donation of $10,000

Donors giving $1,000 or more in a calendar year will achieve Partner status in the Keystone Society. You will receive recognition for your generosity, and Hoosiers will find more opportunities for civic education and civil legal aid. 

For donation information or to discuss additional ways to support the Indiana Bar Foundation, please email Director of Development and Communications Kim Berry or call her at (317) 269-7864.



Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP) Provides Mental Health Support 
JLAP Treatment Fund

As many as one in three attorneys struggles with depression.

The JLAP Treatment Fund provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford treatment, medication, or other services. All donations go directly to treatment costs – there are no administration fees deducted.

JLAP provides confidential services to judges, attorneys, law students, and bar applicants experiencing any issue which may impact quality of life or the ability to practice in a competent and professional manner. JLAP helps with issues ranging from life stressors such as grief or workplace stress to mental health or substance use issues.

Help begins with a free and confidential consultation with JLAP staff, and services offered include assistance connecting to mental health providers, individual and group peer support, and assistance with reaching out to a peer who is struggling.

Here’s one example of how your donations helped a JLAP participant:

“Sally” had been unemployed for several months when she was referred to JLAP by a volunteer. In their first completely confidential meeting, the JLAP staff member realized that Sally was severely depressed.  In addition to being unemployed, Sally had been caring for multiple ill family members, and it had taken a toll. Sally had no income, no savings, and no way to pay for treatment.  

The JLAP Treatment Fund paid for a limited number of appointments with a psychiatrist and medications.   A JLAP volunteer drove Sally to the pharmacy to ensure there was no delay in getting Sally on the road to recovery. Another JLAP volunteer worked with Sally on her job search and networking. As her depression improved, Sally became more confident in her interviewing skills.  

Sally was employed within three months of her first appointment with JLAP.  The total cost to JLAP’s treatment fund was only $675.00.   

Visit JLAP’s website at

Deferred Giving through Endowed Funds
When you use your charitable gift to establish an endowment, the gift is invested with two goals: to make the principal grow faster than inflation and to provide income for the designated program. The principal is never touched, and any earnings over a certain amount—usually five percent—are channeled back into the fund to grow it. Well-managed endowments can generate income indefinitely and therefore allow donors to establish a legacy.

Donors have established several endowed funds that are restricted to mission-centered purposes. These restricted endowed funds include law-related education, access to justice, and initiatives to improve the legal system.

The Foundation also encourages donors to consider sponsoring named fund initiatives. These funds may be created by individuals, firms or others interested in promoting the advancement of justice. Named funds direct assets to the Foundation in the form of cash or securities, bequests, gifts of real property, life insurance, or by life income arrangements. All of these named funds will be publicly designated and grants may be awarded when the fund reaches a minimum of $10,000. Annually, the distinguished roster of named funds will be published in the Annual Report of the Foundation. 

For information on alternative ways to give, including gifts by will, life insurance, stock, and securities, click here. For more information, please read our gift acceptance policy


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